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Clash of Clans 240 Gems
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Clash of Clans 160 Gems +16 Bonus Gems Package Overview

Clash Of Clans 160 Gems + 16 Bonus Gems

Get A Total Of 176 Gems (160 Base + 16 Bonus) To Speed Up Upgrades, Buy Resources, Hire Builders, And Purchase Special Items. Perfect For Accelerating Your Progress And Gaining A Competitive Edge.

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Features & Compatibility

Clash Of Clans 160 Gems + 16 Bonus Gems


Enhance Your Clash Of Clans 160 Gems + 16 Bonus Gems Package, Providing You A Total Of 176 Gems To Accelerate Your Village Development And Strengthen Your Defenses.


Base Gems: 160
Bonus Gems: 16
Total Gems: 176


Speed Up Progress:

  • Building And Upgrades: Instantly Complete Construction Or Upgrades For Buildings, Defenses, And Traps.
  • Training And Research: Accelerate Troop Training Times And Research For Spells And Upgrades In The Laboratory.

Resource Management:

  • Resource Boost: Buy Gold, Elixir, And Dark Elixir To Upgrade Your Village Faster.
  • Resource Collection: Boost Resource Collectors To Produce Resources At A Higher Rate.

Builder Efficiency:

Additional Builders: Hire Additional Builders To Have Multiple Construction Projects Running Simultaneously.
Builder Potion: Use Gems To Purchase Builder Potions That Increase The Speed Of All Builders For A Limited Time.

Special Items:

Shields: Purchase Shields To Protect Your Village From Enemy Attacks For A Specified Period.
Magical Items: Acquire Various Magical Items Such As Books, Potions, And Runes To Give Your Village Strategic Advantages.


Decorations: Buy Exclusive Decorations To Customize And Beautify Your Village Layout.

Ideal For:

  • Casual Players: Who Want To Enjoy The Game Without Long Wait Times.
  • Competitive Players: Looking To Gain An Edge In Clan Wars And Leaderboard Rankings.
  • Event Participants: Speed Up Event-related Tasks And Challenges.

Purchase Benefits:

  • Bonus Value: The Package Includes A 10% Bonus, Offering More Gems For Your Money.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Enjoy A Smoother And More Dynamic Gaming Experience By Reducing Wait Times And Accelerating Progress.
  • Strategic Flexibility: Utilize Gems In Various Aspects Of The Game To Adapt To Different Strategies And Situations.


Clash of Clans 160 Gems

Upgrade Your Clash Of Clans 160 Gems + 16 Bonus Gems Package And Lead Your Village To Victory!

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